Daniel Oprisanu is an award winning animation artist as well as designer who has specialised in Film & Storyboard, E-Learning material and content for children, merchandise and apparel design and web development. He lives by the saying, "As Longa vita breva' - Art is long and life is short, our art will outlive us and stay behind as the legacy we leave behind", and has been working on this dream since childhood and articulates it more as a lifestyle. He appreciates new opportunities to work with new people and boost shared creativity by combining visions together for different projects.
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Sbusile Mhlanga is a filmmaker who aims to create new discourses through her mediums of Cinematography and Photography. She believes that marginalised individuals deserve to be seen in the media in society.
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Geraldo Malaval is a documentary photographer and aspiring director. He grew up in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire from both Ivorian and Cape Verdean parents. His work and aesthetic consist of his reality, his culture, his food, his music and all of these elements define himself and therefore his Art. He fell into the creative world unexpectedly, while pursuing physical therapy in college and never looked back. He aims to tell everyday stories and convey emotions that most can relate to on a personal level. He thoroughly enjoys everything African and has made it a life mission to build a bridge between communities.
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