Charlie Samson

Director, Writer

Coming from 4 years of training in performance and an award winning theatre play, THE KAFFIRS, this shaped Charlie Samson into becoming the director and writer he is today as he continues searching for glory. Having never studied film or TV, drama would play a pivotal role in his artistry and storytelling. He believes that anyone in the world can write or direct but it takes something special to tell a compelling story which is why he strives to be known as a storyteller and not a director/ writer. He was born and bred in KZN, Richards Bay and at 15 years of age he knew he wanted to work in the film and television industry. Charlie Samson loves telling real stories and depicting reality as it is without dumbing it down. His greatest weapon is his ability to listen, he loves improv and collaborating. He always prioritizes story over everything and prefers to tell stories for ordinary people and not filmmakers because you can never satisfy or please filmmakers. After over 10 TV-Made Movies that he has directed, he’s begun his journey into indie filmmaking with A LAMENT being his first offering, a story that’s inspired by his own life. He is currently in pre-pre-production for his sophomore indie film with his creative partner, Mazi, titled THIS IS NOT A LOVE STORY which is expected to be released early 2023.

Featured Works

A Lament
A Lament
Charlie Samson, Mazi & Thabo Makweya
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